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Archetype sprayers are Epoca’s top sprayers and they are widely used for industrial cleaning, chemical industry, industrial supplies and they are ideal for the building and automotive field. Archetype line includes sprayers in different capacities (1.5, 5 and 10 litres) available with different seals such as VITON (Fluorinated Hydrocarbon) and EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene). The 1.5 litre sprayer – A-Type 1.5 – is fitted gripping notches, sturdy stability base and a translucent view stripe line with an integrated embossed graduated scale. The 5 and 10 litres sprayers - A-Type 5/10 - are available in a fully-fitted version: A-Type PRO. A-Type PRO is the first sprayer to have four couplings right on the head of the pump. Two of these couplings are designed to connect the lance tube and the safety valve, while the others host the pressure gauge and a check valve to connect air pump fitting. Archetype line includes also a brand new Foamer range. These Foamer sprayers can be used efficiently both in professional cleaning field and in the car wash & car detailing. Finally A-Type 6 is a black watering can with an inclined angle spout and it is designed to be used mainly on the service stations.

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