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Hand sprayers

We offer a wide range of hand sprayers available with different colours, capacity, output and seals (VITON -NBR – EPDM) Some of the models are supplied with 360 system that enables sprayers and pressure pumps to work ensuring maximum performance in any inclination (even when used upside down). Some other models have the “colour code” version, designed to help to visually identify a liquid product with a specific sprayer- to use it for specific applications. “Colour Code” hand sprayer are fitted with transparent view stripe line with embossed graduated scale in ml and dilution scale in %. They are mainly used with: phytosanitary, weedkiller, professional detergent, liquid wax, glass cleaner, or chemicals such as engine cleaner, brake cleaner and disinfectant products. Epoca recommends testing a sample of the product in question (including its seals) with your chemical compositions.

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