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This line is composed by bottles, caps for bottles, trigger sprayers, spray pumps, dispensers and special application for trigger sprayers and dispensers. The bottles have various shapes and different capacities and some models include graduated scale, embossed scale (and dilution percentage) and view stripe. They’re made from HDPE or PVC and they can be supplied in anonymous version or printed with silk-screen printing, pad printing or with customized label. Bottles can be supplied with caps, trigger sprayer, spray pumps and dispensers. While trigger sprayers can be supplied with different type of seals NBR (nitrile rubber), EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene gaskets) or VITON (Fluorinated Hydrocarbon). Trigger sprayers and spray pumps are ideal to spray professional and commercial products as: detergent, deodorant, trichological products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, suntan creams and insecticides. Manual dispenser are mainly used to dose liquid and viscous products such as liquid soaps, concentrates and disinfectants. All the articles in this line can be used in the chemical and hygienisation, automotive, cosmetic and in the food field. Epoca recommends testing a sample of the product in question (including its seals) with your chemical compositions.

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