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quality policy and goals

The Management of Epoca S.p.A. has adopted a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the design and production of plastic articles.


Management is committed to

to provide products and services that comply with customer requirements and applicable laws and standards;
to continuously increase customer satisfaction
to continuous improvement of company processes


The Management considers it important that the objectives set out in the quality policy are known to all personnel, so that each person can contribute, for the part that is within his or her competence, to their achievement. The objectives can be summarised as follows:

Compliance with delivery times agreed with customers
Guarantee of product quality standards
Precise definition of roles and involvement of each person within the company
Continuous review of the company's operational practice in order to identify possibilities for improvement

Everyone can do their part to achieve these objectives, but the management considers it appropriate to describe everyone's objectives with respect to their own area.


Personnel: the success of the QMS depends on the commitment and behaviour of all workers

Compliance with the rules: for the QMS to be correctly applied, all workers must comply with the shared procedures and instructions

Product development: the product design process must take into account market trends and demands and all applicable requirements, including mandatory ones, and must provide all the necessary information for the sales, procurement and production processes

Product control: it is essential to control products at all stages, from receipt to dispatch

Efficient equipment and facilities: all production resources must be regularly maintained to ensure process quality and production continuity

Reliable suppliers: the correct management of suppliers and the constant monitoring of their performance must be ensured, including the timely control of goods on receipt

Production planning and scheduling: production must be planned and scheduled taking into account all the relevant elements and in particular the agreements with the customer, warehouse stocks and the timing of supply and production of goods

Communication with the Customer: the sales staff must guarantee the maintenance of a relationship with the Customer based on principles of correctness and efficiency


EPOCA also undertakes

to take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with health and safety and environmental laws
to a risk management approach applied at all levels, strategic, managerial and operational, as an integral part of the corporate culture


Quality objectives are defined annually in the course of the management review, and the quality policy is periodically reviewed in its adequacy and in the light of any changes.