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We started back in 1968. At that time our main activity was to commercialise gardening and household products, such as trigger sprayers, dosing pumps, bottles, pressure sprayers etc.

As time went by, we felt the urge to create new and innovative products all by ourselves, product that could represent our creativity and inventiveness. We therefore started buying the first blow moulding and injection moulding machines, high quality raw materials and set up our production plant, making what started as a small reality a complete and effective industrial reality.

In 1994 we built up a new 4800 m² plant in Bassano del Grappa’s industrial area. We then enlarge the plant twice, first in 1998 with a new 1800 m² area and then in 2013 we built another 1800 m² warehouse. This plant includes production and assembling area, warehouse, QC and R&D department and commercial and directive office.

Since the very beginning Epoca always followed a well-established business philosophy that can be better resumed with the following principles:
  • promote technological, technical and design research and apply them on an industrial base in order to keep always a high quality level. (PRODUCTS QUALITY)
  • know the market well, and move within it with acute and reliable sense of business (SALES’ QUALITY)
  • value human & social relationships inside and outside the company (BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP’S QUALITY)
These principles have a practical effect on our products and on our daily activities: our motto “quality first” is our business cornerstone. Our success is shown by a constant turnover improvement and by a large expansion of our products and our brand’s consideration and style both in domestic and foreign market.

This was possible thanks to a strong and focused will of all the company employers and to Boriani’s family farsighted and progressive guidance. Epoca was then the first company to put on the market new products, new colours and original shapes.

Boriani’s sisters manage the company and still owe all Epoca’s Stocks.